By Stephen Cross - posted on April 9, 2020

Conversations In Change

We find ourselves at an interesting time in modern history. 

While the natural response might be to look down and inward we feel that there is room to have conversations that look out, and upward. We believe in the power of conversations that recognise futures that should be different from our past - conversations that help us make and model the bold changes that our organisations and our teams need to see.

For this reason we're beginning a Conversations in Change series. A series of five conversations that will directly address the impact of COVID-19 on our organisations, us and the context in which we work. We would love you to join us on one (or more) of these free, virtual sessions.

Each session will have between four and six participants and be hosted by a professional facilitator. The facilitator is there to support the conversation, using their skills to generate fruitful and positive conclusions, ones that we hope will help you shape and articulate clear next steps for you and your organisation.

Our initial sessions will focus on understanding the emerging state of the world in which we will be discussing the following in turn:

  • Session 1: Finances
  • Session 2: People & Wellbeing
  • Session 3: Technology
  • Session 4: Process
  • Session 5: Governance
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In each session we will aim:

  • To provide a safe space to share, process and reflect on current challenges
  • To understand your perspective on the issue being discussed
  • To identify what help we might need, or be able to provide one another
  • To facilitate new opportunities and perspectives
  • To meaningfully connect the participants, increasing connection and forming new communitiesTo provide a safe space to share, process and reflect on current challenges
  • To understand your perspective on the issue being discussed

This is an invitation to join us in exploring the emerging state of the world today. To give your perspective and your insights as to where we are now, given the dramatic changes we have seen over the past few months.

Have a question?

We would love to have your voice as part of the conversation - if you have any questions about the series, or participation please email us on [email protected].

To Note:
We plan to record the sessions, with the intention of exploring the value of these conversations in our new context. Once we see what emerges, we will consult with you to ensure that any recorded material is used in a way that meets your approval.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Meet Stephen Cross

Stephen is a strategist and coach with some facilitation training thrown in for good measure, he guides people to explore the alternative futures. A maker by nature, Stephen's role as a partner at We Are BPG centres around building leadership within organisations that put purpose above profit.