By Stephen Cross - posted on January 15, 2020

Coaching at Bargate Professional Group

So this is my first post, but it seems like a fitting place to describe what feels like a significant milestone.

Next week I’m off for three days to begin my coach training with the North Point Academy team on their first UK-run course. In truth I’m a little nervous - it’s going to be pretty in-depth, with 80 hours of training over 3 weekends, plus all of the meet-ups in between. It’s a significant investment of time, money and energy but the outcome will be a grounding in a very powerful coaching framework, as well as the credibility of an accreditation in coaching.

The course (and accreditation) is underwritten by the Internation Coaching Federation, with the option to become a credentialed coach in time. While it doesn’t map exactly, the course represents the equivalent of a level 7 course in coaching.

This represents a big step forward for me both personally and professionally, and a major milestone in a journey I’ve been on for five or six years now. Personally, because over the past few years I have come to understand the huge potential and significance of coaching.

Professionally, because I have already begun introducing coaching principles into some of our work with clients and while I have a good grounding of the principles, this training will enable me hone my skills and develop my practice further. It also represents a big step forward for the BPG group too as we will be in a position to offer coaching to our clients.

While we supported a number of our clients using coaching tools it is a great symmetry for the BPG group to offer credentialed coaching alongside our credentialed facilitation. It's been on our roadmap for some time now: Facilitation for our work in mapping and understanding our client’s context and coaching to support our clients on the journey once the map has determined the best direction of travel. Coaching will become an invaluable tool for equipping our clients’ teams and personnel.

I’ve been told that there are still a couple of spaces on the course (Eventbrite link) and the North Point Academy team are great to speak to if you have questions. They have been a big part of my development over the past few years and I’m looking forward to that continuing for a long while yet!

Stephen Cross - a partner at We Are BPG


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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