Our Social Mission

As an LLP we don’t have articles of association, instead we have a partner’s agreement. It is much easier to change a partner’s agreement than it is to alter articles of association and for this reason we are creating a Social Mission statement to which all partners will agree, independently of any partner agreement they may sign.

Services in support of organisations with a conscience: our Social Mission statement

We Are BPG take a user-led journey with our customers, gaining insight before identifying the correct tools. Working across third sector and commercial, We Are BPG utilise interactive and collaborative working rather than sequential methods, helping ensure the importance of journey and partnership over naive answers and short-term engagement.

We aim to identify what’s really the matter, examine holistically, facilitate the process, then help with implementation and outsourcing as needed.

Core services include:

– Workshops and facilitation

– Strategy

– Back office solutions

What we deliver

We provide outsource solutions without internal overheads through strategy and development as a service

Bias towards supporting the 3rd sector through our services and skills

We make organisations better

How we generate income

Fee for service model

Charge for our professional services at a range of appropriate rates depending on the skill base needed 

What it’s for

As an LLP partners draw their income from the profits. We therefore consider profit to be given away 

Returnees to work

Partners drawings will be capped at the higher rate of tax and no individual may take more this in drawings from BPG

50% of profit-after-drawings will be made available for the following communities through donation or reinvestment for internal facilitation:

    – Technology and information for social benefit

    – Community projects in the areas local to the partners (or recent partners in the event of multi-year support)

    – Support of other Social Enterprises


The above is still a work in progress but will be marked with a version number once completed. After this, any updates will be recorded and older versions archived for reference.